About Me

      My name is Cody Branham. I am a Licensed Insurance Agent in Virginia and I found Branham Insurance Group with the intentions of helping as many people as possible. Branham Insurance Group is appointed with multiple carriers to make sure we can give the best comparison for our clients.
     I started in the insurance industry in customer service. Eventually I worked my way up to helping with technical support in Roanoke, Virginia and St.Louis as well as helping with coaching and quality for teams in my site.
     Later on, I transitioned from that role to the Sales role and really enjoyed it. My only hold back being a Captive agent (working for one company) was that I felt I could not give an accurate comparison of “The Best Plan” for the clients due to only seeing one company. I eventually transitioned to being a broker and representing multiple companies. Now I can offer all kinds of insurance including Cancer, Vision, Dental, Student, Group, Individual Health and Medicare plans from Supplemental, Prescription and Advantage plans, Life, Auto, Homeowners, Renters, Commercial and Business Owners.

     My background in customer service plays a vital role due to the fact that I can explain how the behind the scenes work and how everything functions for the clients who have questions.

     I also stay in touch through out the year. I don’t sign you up and forget about you. When we talk, we start a friendship either I sign you up for a plan or not.

The Reason Behind what I do....

      This video shows what an impact just a basic interaction can be to those without realizing it. What I thought was a normal everyday conversation helped change this lady’s life.